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China news #1

The news in China this week is dominated by the Corona virus and its aftermath in China which is slowly recovering.  The media is keen to avoid schadenfreude but cannot help pointing out that China has done better so far in controlling the disease than other countries have so far.  As things slowly get back to normal, the consequences of the virus are emerging;

  • China’s animal shelters cannot cope with the large number of pets abandoned due to the epidemic.  Because of home isolation and misleading panic about virus infection, some people are unwilling or have no time to take care of pets, and there are more and more cases of abandoned pets.  The sheer volume of fake news surrounding the new crown pneumonia epidemic makes it easy for pets to become scapegoats.  Huanqiu.com
  • According to estimates, the new crown epidemic will cause a growth loss of 0.2% -0.5% to China.  The 0.2% -0.4% growth loss caused to the Chinese economy by the trade war last year will still have an impact this year. The impact of the shock on China’s economic growth may reach 0.5% -0.8%. This will cause the Chinese economy to decline to 5.3% from a 6.1% growth rate last year.  Huanqiu.com
  • In a good example of international co-operation on March 2nd, the Chinese Red Cross Volunteer Panel met with Iranian Red Crescent President Perawi.  According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Iran, the Chinese delegation and the officials of the Iran Red Crescent Society exchanged in-depth views on the prevention and control of the outbreak.  Li Rui told Xiao Rui that after the Chinese experts arrived in Iran, they were “very low-key” to the outside world, but it is known that they have been in contact and discussion with the Iranian Ministry of Health, which “definitely played a role.”
  • There is a long article in qq.com disputing a Taiwanese newspaper’s report that corona virus had started in the USA.  In a carefully worded scientific explanation as to how this could not possibly be so, the article is a good example of how to ‘explode’ fake news.
  • The fact is that China is very worried about the casual attitude to the virus in the USA.  “American friends have no concept of the new crown virus. Chinese are generally worried”, says finance.ipeng

But there is other news too:

  • In another expose, in qq.com, the paper derides the fake news that 100,000 Chinese ducks had been sent to Pakistan to help control the locust plague.  The paper analysed the story and found it had been put together by ‘clever’ journalists using video clips from another story and misinterpreting the result.  Such is fake news everywhere!
  • A papercomments on the supposedly human working policies of the world’s new-culture companies in Silicon Valley.  Employees are telling the paper that indefinite leave, sleeping pods, puzzle solving areas and the like make employees more inclined not to go home.  They find themselves working continuously.   “This is enough to make employees want to go back to the 1950s”, the paper says.  “Maybe it’s time to reimagine the office world as an office-a place where you can actually get your work done and then leave”!
  • A long article about how insecure Facebook is.  Nothing new here for those that wish to hear but Facebook groups especially – beware.


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