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China news 4th May 2020

This week in ‘News from China’, we look at several stories hitting the headlines.  They emphasize the cultural differences between political as well as personal life.  We also reveal that criticism of officials occurs in China as elsewhere.

Political accountability

Opinion.huanqiu notes that, in China, officials who do well are praised and promoted while those who do badly are punished.  The writer notes that, in the West, officials and politicians are rarely, if ever, held accountable.  This reflects the differences in responsibilities and perceptions of government officials between China and the West.

For the reason, the writer comes to the same conclusions as us in the article ‘Miles Apart’ .

The comprehensive leadership of the Communist Party makes it impossible for any public official in China to be under the control of the Party. This is an institutional factor by which China can deal with officials with weak epidemic resistance. It is also the reason why Western political formations are so slow to overwhelm problem officials.

by Joakim Honkasalo

Criticism of officials

Contrary to some views in the West, newspapers in China quite often criticize Government policies and officials.  The style of doing so is different from the ‘robust’ (some would say ‘rude and aggressive’) practices of Western journals.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, all localities clearly requested that no gathering be allowed.  However, Jiangsu Xiangshui County Public Security Bureau “Dingfeng” organized public funds to eat and drink, and also invited local courts and procuratorates to join the party to drink and play cards and was eventually severely accountable.  Heilongjiang clarified that all public officials will be dismissed during the outbreak. In addition, Hubei, Anhui and other places have all had cases of public officials being held accountable during dinners during the epidemic prevention.

At present, it is still in the period of epidemic prevention and control.   The “Public Prosecution Law Joint Meeting” was originally a normal “public affairs”, but after the meeting, the main leaders of the meeting collectively played cards, had dinner and drank in the canteen box of the Traffic Police Brigade of the County Public Security Bureau, which obviously stepped on the red line of discipline. 

In short, a county ’s public prosecution law system has become a “typical” for eating and drinking illegal public funds during the epidemic situation, which is actually a double breakthrough in the epidemic prevention regulations and the red line of discipline. Such a lesson is profound enough, all leaders are held accountable, and it also reflects the rigidity of epidemic prevention regulations and discipline enforcement.

Even during the epidemic situation, the supervision of discipline cannot be relaxed.

The writer is blunt about the matter.

In another article, the Bank of China – a state-owned institution – is heavily criticized for its policies on oil futures that led to many investors feeling cheated.  A long article appears in bjnews.


Beijing News again questions why a woman could not only join her Father’s (a Communist party member) Government department but even get promoted?

The “inbreeding” controversy exposed by some units must not be dealt with hastily, to deal with public opinion. Investigate the possible corruption issues behind the job and use strict accountability to force the relevant units to standardize personnel management and ensure good employment.

Welcome co-operation

The Trump administration in the United States said that the new crown virus originated in China, and the Beijing government delayed the release of relevant information, causing the epidemic to spread worldwide and causing a large number of people to be infected or killed. As the two countries accuse each other, Chinese and American researchers are working together to professionally trace the origin of the virus that causes the new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19).

British media reported on April 27 that the team led by Ian Lipkin, director of the Center for Infection and Immunization of the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health, known as the “virus hunter”, is Cooperate with Chinese scientists. Their purpose was to determine whether the virus had appeared elsewhere in China before it appeared in Wuhan on December 12, 2019.

Professor Lipkin advised China on the response to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003. Since then, he has maintained close contact with Chinese health experts.

British media reports pointed out that Lipkin visited Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in early January 2020 to discuss with him the response to the disease.

The two teams from China and the United States collaborated to allow the research team to access the national blood sample bank of China and investigate whether the new coronavirus was already in the population before it was discovered in Wuhan. They tested blood samples of pneumonia patients in December, November, and even earlier. 

by National Cancer Institute 

From hk01.

Another 5G controversy

A Global Times reporter learned that Huawei and China Mobile have completed the opening of three 5G base stations at the 5,300-meter Everest base camp and the 5,800-meter transition camp.  The reporter interviewed the project leader. 

5G on Mount Everest has major difficulties.  The first is the safety of personnel. Because most of our technical engineers are mainlanders, they live in low altitude areas.  If their physical fitness is not good, they are prone to pulmonary oedema and cerebral oedema which could be life-threatening. 

The materials we can transport by vehicles that can only reach 5200 meters.  Higher levels can only be transported on people ’s backs and local Tibetans’ yaks.  This is very expensive.  Much of our equipment such as fibre optics and generators are very heavy.

Thirdly, generating electricity is technical difficulty at such a high altitude.  If solar panels are used, the snow will easily cover the solar panels. A generator will work but the oxygen content is very low.  The resulting output is only about 20% of the low altitude output, so we need to use four to five times sized generator to maintain operations. 

Since there are many difficulties, why invest a lot of manpower and material resources to build 5G base stations on Everest, which seems to be far from our daily lives?

by Macau Photo Agency

China’s 5G technology climbed Mount Everest can give everyone a sense of pride.

Every summer, there are tens of thousands of people visiting Everest. For mountaineers who want to go further to the summit, it is very important to accurately learn the position of their companions. For example, you and I are only 50 meters apart, but you can’t find each other. This is very dangerous during the summit.

From tech.huanqiu.

More concern from Chinese students

The US epidemic is very serious and is about to collapse. The Americans are really disobedient. Only China can order 1.4 billion people to be isolated at home; there is a shortage of US materials and no masks can be bought; every American has a gun …

This one short quote sums up so many cultural difficulties!  How sad that we never seem to learn acceptance of different cultural norms.

‘A little dead!’

The press does not lack humour:

Shandong media recently reported an anecdote: Mr. Zhou, a sixty-year-old man in Fangzi District, Weifang City, said that his pension was suspended five months ago.  The civil administration said that his account had been cancelled and he was dead. 

The reporter took Mr. Zhou to the department to ask about this. After receiving several ‘don’t know answers, the staff revealed a clue: “It was suspected that this person was a little dead, so he was suspended.

by pixpoetry

From bjnews.


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