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China News 18th May 2020

This week we cover two commentaries from the Chinese media about the virus. The third story is one about a sad accident that the writer thinks is leading to corruption among local officials.  The Chinese press takes its ‘public interest’ role seriously.

Overseas Chinese solidarity

Overseas Chinese from many countries feel angry at media attacks conveying the voices of local people.  The story of overseas Chinese and Chinese living in the country to fight against the epidemic has continued.  Being overseas and having a close relationship with our ancestors, we fell that China has united the country against the epidemic and actively supported the global anti-epidemic activities.  This has inspired overseas Chinese compatriots. 

However, the recent smearing of politicians in Western countries against China’s anti-epidemic measures has also made overseas Chinese feel upset and resentful.  Cai Wenyao, consultant of the American-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

I am in San Francisco, USA, and I am still in isolation. The San Francisco State Government has issued many outbreak prevention and control regulations.   After the epidemic spread rapidly in the United States, many stories appeared, some of which touched me and some made me angry.

This kind of close feeling comes not only from my personal experience, but also from the collective memory of overseas Chinese.  During the outbreak in China, many American overseas Chinese spontaneously donated money and materials, admired China’s efficient and effective anti-epidemic measures and recongised the united efforts of the people of China to overcome the difficulties.  In a sense, this joint anti-epidemic experience has once again brought together the hearts of Chinese children at home and abroad.

What makes me indignant is that in the course of China’s efforts to prevent and control the domestic epidemic, and in its efforts to support the global war epidemic, politicians and media in some countries are taking the opportunity to spread remarks that discredit China. 

In the United States, certain politicians use China as their target for elections and other political purposes and spread all kinds of smearing rumours and racial discrimination. This has no scientific basis and has ulterior motives.  Earlier, we organized a large march against some American politicians’ discrimination against Chinese Americans. These remarks that blamed China on the epidemic and attacked the Chinese-American community are strongly opposed by our overseas Chinese in the United States!

by Rich Hay

However, we see that China ’s dispatch of medical expert groups and donations of anti-epidemic materials and other aids have been welcomed and appreciated by the people of many countries. 

Xie Guangqi, President of the Sichuan-Chongqing Chamber of Commerce in Kenya:

Local people often complain that Western media have no credibility.  I am in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and the epidemic is still in a period of rising infection.  Kenya has adopted strict prevention and control measures, stipulating that masks must be worn in public places.  Nairobi is a “closed city” and all international flights are suspended.  Overall, the people of Kenya are very supportive of the government’s anti-epidemic measures.

During the anti-epidemic process in Kenya, the Chinese government, enterprises, and civil society have provided practical assistance.  Local governments, police stations, hospitals and other institutions often receive anti-epidemic materials such as masks and goggles from China, as well as living materials such as food.  The Sichuan-Chongqing General Chamber of Commerce donated three batches of masks to the Nairobi Police Department, which has been specifically reported by the local mainstream media.  As far as I know, there are about 50,000 overseas Chinese in Kenya, and almost all Kenyan overseas Chinese groups donate anti-epidemic materials to the local area. 

I can see from local mainstream media reports that the local people highly praised China’s national efforts to fight the epidemic.   My (Chinese) company’s local employees once mentioned in a chat with me that “China and the United Nations donated materials to us”.  “China’s support is real”.   “Chinese are friendly and credible”.  “Working in Chinese companies, “I feel at ease” … I think these evaluations are a full affirmation of the overseas Chinese of China and Kenya.

Among African countries, Kenya is a relatively open and unobstructed country. The local people can see many reports from international media, including some Western media that discredit China.   Judging from the overall social atmosphere in Kenya, the local people have their own rational judgments about the Western disparagement of China. Many people have long realized that discrediting China is a political tactic used by Western countries. 

by Tai’s Captures

Source: oversea.huanqiu.com.

New World Order

This epidemic has caused major changes in national economic indicators and people’s lives. The hardest hit are the poor.  Many people really feel the shortcomings of the 21st century social safety net. As the main means of contact with the outside world, people are more dependent on social media and have access to network information interwoven with polarized opinions.

China has emerged as a true political superpower.  It can be predicted from various data that China will become an economic and technological power.  After the spread of the epidemic, China provided humanitarian assistance to various countries. China resolutely fights against the new virus, which is in stark contrast to the attitude of the United States.

Geopolitical tensions have been increasing since the outbreak of COVID-19. With the spread of the epidemic, instead of being united, the world is in a state of dysfunction. The degree of dysfunction of the world order may be seen in the coming weeks and months. However, during this period, the foundation of the new world order will also be effectively constructed.

by Benjamin Suter

At the same time as the spread of the virus, many countries in the world have adopted a “my nation first” posture.   Their interest in international cooperation has declined. The public has also leaned towards “egoism”. Problems such as crime, domestic violence and racial discrimination are getting worse.

The epidemic is also a severe test for Western democratic countries.  At the Munich Security Conference held in Germany in February, “The Disappearance of the West” became a topic, expressing concern that the European and American countries that dominated the post-war international order were weakening.

Source: hk01.com.


According to Inner Mongolian media reports, on April 4, an accident involving a three-car collision caused by a drunk driving occurred in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, killing four people in one car. 

After the accident, the driver of the accident, Pan Mouguo, did not immediately call the police but fled and hid.  He was replaced as driver by his fellow Yan Yanhua. 

Pan Mouguo is the deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the locality.

On May 8, a reporter from the Beijing News interviewed the family of the victim. The family said that the four brothers had not been buried yet.  They hoped that the family members of the perpetrators would apologize and pay financial compensation, but the family members of the perpetrators have not contacted them since the incident.

Drunk driving, speeding, escaping from an accident, looking for someone to take the blame … As a deputy secretary of the local political and legal committee, Pan Mouguo is on the wrong side of the law.   This is not just knowing the law and breaking the law but knowing the law and breaking the law repeatedly.  

Fortunately, the local police found the truth, and his bad behaviour was revealed. Pan Mouguo and Yan Mouhua were transferred to prosecution for suspected traffic accidents and assault crimes. 

According to reports, the local organization of the Department of Public Prosecution Law and the township departments formed several working groups to conduct mediation. But what is confusing is that the families of the perpetrators still seem to be hiding.  They are being helped by the Public Prosecutor ’s Law Department but there is no result after more than a month.  We wonder if the civil compensation case for public officials is being handled by public officials.

Public officials should follow the principles of equality and unselfishness in handling civil disputes. In the final analysis, no matter who it is, crimes and crimes must be held accountable.  The behaviour of Pan Mouguo has already warranted serious punishment for the crime of escape and escape.  Only by severe punishment according to law can the authority of the law be maintained.

by Bill Oxford

Not only that, but the perpetrators and their families should also have the courage to take responsibility, show sincerity, apologize to the families of the victims and actively compensate them, so that the deceased can live in peace.  This can’t be done only by “agents”.  

This was a tragic traffic accident, and the four families and one family behind the four brothers were broken. The responsibility of the party responsible for the incident cannot be avoided or pushed away. Only under the framework of the law can the follow-up resolution of the incident be promoted. Letting others obfuscate and take charge of it, hides it away.

Source: www.bjnews.com.cn.


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