Wan Lik Hang

Hi, my name is Wan Lik Hang

I have written articles most of my life. I have worked for over 60 years in six different
cultures. My prime location in the last 40 years has been Hong Kong and mainland China.  I
now live in the West of England where I grew up long ago but return as often as I can to
Hong Kong.

I describe myself as a polymath, an older, more dignified, expression for ‘jack of all trades’!
But you’ll learn more about that if you follow my blogs. These will cover many subjects,
situations, and countries.

Our tiny international and multi-cultural team does the hard work. Their expertise in design
and in using modern networks shows in the way our blog is laid out and, as we do more, in
the videos we produce. Our news reader patiently scours Chinese media for interesting
material. We are on Instagram, Facebook, U-Tube and LinkedIn.

We are still learning. So do please write to us with ideas, criticism, and suggestions. Tell us
what you would like to hear about. If you have something you would like to say, let us help
you say it!

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